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Spanish group lessons in Buenos Aires:

Class Group All our Spanish group courses (at least 8 different sub-levels) start any Monday throughout the year except for complete beginners (see fixed starting dates at the pricelist). Classes take place either in the morning or in the afternoon.

All groups work with two different Spanish teachers who rotate so the students receive exposure to all varieties of spoken Spanish. There is a maximum of six students per group ranging from complete beginners to those very advanced. The teachers are experiences and work with varied lesson materials such as newspapers, games, songs and articles about Argentine and Latin American culture that will force you to speak Spanish as much as possible.

Minimum: 1 week

Individual Spanish lessons:

Individual Spanish Class This program of individual Spanish lessons is especially tailored for our students’ specific needs and interests. Students can give us their preferences for certain hours and teachers.

We recommend these private Spanish lessons are recommended for people that have specific needs (e.g. more/less grammar, special learning needs, younger than 16 years, Survival Spanish: a fast survey of Spanish directed towards speaking Spanish while traveling in Latin America, Spanish for employment reasons, Spanish for expats, etc.).

Our individual course by hours can start any day of the week; course packages of twenty hours start any Monday.

* This course is given to all levels

Best of Both

Lears Spanish Take advantage of having fun, dynamic classes, and learn more from your peers in a Spanish group class (four hours a day), in combination with the personal attention you can only receive from your private teacher, given (one or two hours) during the afternoons, this program really combines "the best of both". Your private teacher will be pleased to review the grammar items you have studied in the morning classes and will, mostly, be happy to talk, learn and read with you about topics of your interest, such as Argentine culture and costums.

* All levels, which start any given Monday

Total Immersion:

Spanish Class This program is tailored for people who need to learn Spanish quickly. Are you traveling throughout South America and want to communicate more easily in Spanish with the locals? Maybe you want to make that extra great impression in your college interview or internship. Perhaps you really need to get an A in Spanish this semester back at school! Whatever the reason, the total immersion model leads to guaranteed success in a short period of time.

Special attention will be given to cultural differences between the western world and Latin America (barriers, codes etc.) and the Spanish language in (formal) (volunteer) work situations.

During the morning, the student begins with four hours of private classes. Immediately after classes, the teacher will take him/her out for a snack and drink to one of the restaurants close to the school for about an hour. After a short break, the student and teacher visit special places for three hours. Buenos Aires offers endless opportunities, so a variety of visits can be organized: tourist highlights, hospitals, handicraft shops, markets, and universities that are tailored to the individual and their needs. What better way to combine everything in one program?

The best part about the program is that it is flexible and can be customized for individual students. On Saturday or Sunday, the student will be offered a day excursion close to or within Buenos Aires. These trips are to El Tigre, El Matadero or one of the lovely estancias around San Antonio de Areca, or a combination cultural and shopping day in the city of Buenos Aires. This will include visits to exhibitions, beautiful hand souvenir shops and handicraft markets. Since all classes are individual, the course can start any Monday of the year. There are no level requirements so all are welcome!

Minimum one week.

Medical Spanish:

Learn Spanish Our Spanish School offers a Medical Spanish course, especially designed for doctors, nurses, social workers or pre-med students. The course focuses on medical terminology and information to improve communication with Spanish speaking patients.

Special attention will be given to cultural differences between the western world and Latin America including information on subjects such as health, illness, family issues, etc. and how these issues are handled in the Latin American community.

Visits to hospitals and lectures on subjects such as Traditional Medicine etc., are included. This course is six hours per day: four hours of Spanish are in the morning and two hours of lectures / visits are in the afternoon. There are fixed starting dates (see pricelist) and a high-beginners level is a requirement.

Maximum number of students: 6 in the Spanish Course, 10 in the afternoon Program.

* This program is for a minimum of two weeks.

Spanish For Expats:

Spanish for Expats If you are planning to relocate to Argentina – either temporarily or for good - , learning Spanish is a must in order to get the most out of your experience. The real world – full of Porteños - is right outside your door and by speaking just a bit more of Spanish you will quickly find life is so much more exciting!

If you are buying something in a shop, ordering in a restaurant, or if you need to get something done, or if you are moving to a new home, or when setting up a business... speaking Spanish to local trades people, builders, utility companies, bar tenders, means you will get superior, faster service and you will be in a better position to negotiate if things go wrong.

Get the most out of your experience in Buenos Aires and sign up for our Spanish for Expats now. You will not only improve your Spanish but will also get the insight details of the local habits, national holidays, of local expressions, of national icons such as Che, Evita Peron, Maradona and many others, and what “real” portenos – of different classes – think and feel.

The Spanish for Expat classes of this part time Spanish course focus on practical everyday communicative situations and local culture and expressions. Special emphasis is placed on listening and speaking. Importance is also given to the cultural and social aspects of the Argentina community (see details below). Fixed starting dates; min. 3, max. 6 students / group.


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Spanish immersion courses in Buenos Aires, Argentina
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